The final work produced during my stay in Toronto was this banner in Yorkville.  The banner was produced after group sessions with Oasis Skateboard Factory a remarkable alternative school design program at Scadding Court Community Centre.  The group and I worked together to produce texts relating to issues of urban change and gentrification, arriving at the final text ‘Tomorrow should be ours.’

Mark Titchner: Street Art installation

Apparently local resident Drake liked the piece!2013-07-12 17.56.48


OSF JULIETTAOne of the drawings produced by OSF students. These were used to construct the background image for the banner.

In addition to the banner project, using photography by the group I produced a series of 4 posters splitting the ‘Tomorrow should be ours’ text into separate words and allowing for different permutations of the text.

posters1 ours small

Big thanks to Craig and Lauren and all at OSF and to Darren for being my guide and to Minto for generously sponsoring the project.


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