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As part of my Artist Residency at the Art Gallery of Toronto in 2012 I was commissioned to produce a new work for the Drake Hotel on Queen St.  The Drake kindly put me up, part sponsoring my stay, which was spent in the building that the painting is attached too.  (Big thanks to all at the Drake!)

Due to the irregularity of the walls and the precarious nature of the roof it was decided that the work would painted off site and installed in panels. The work was painted using oil based enamels onto some heavy duty Canadian ply to help it weather the extremities of the Canadian climate.

The work was painted with Bob and Andrea at McWood Studios.  The time I spent there was some of the best I had in Toronto and I can’t thank Bob and Andrea enough for their hospitality, enthusiasm and skill which rekindled some vague, enthusiasm for painting in me! So here’s the work in production and during installation…

2012-10-25 11.11.28 HDR 2012-10-25 17.05.48 HDR 2012-10-25 17.08.12 HDR 2012-10-26 14.14.54 HDR 2012-10-26 16.17.18 2012-10-26 16.23.41 HDR 2012-10-26 16.34.00 HDR 2012-10-26 17.30.58 HDR 2012-10-26 18.08.44 HDR 2012-10-29 19.38.04 HDR 2012-10-29 16.24.24 HDR 2012-10-29 21.17.36 HDR 2012-10-30 19.09.45 HDR

A-91557 A-91569 A-91604 A-91610

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