It’s been my great pleasure to have recently made a video for the wonderful Grumbling Fur. This is the second video from the excellent ‘Glynnaestra” album out now on Thrill Jockey.  For the full experience be sure to view in HD.

(Protogenesis, Grumbling fur, Video by Mark Titchner, 2013)

The video is part of an ongoing collaboration with Daniel O’Sullivan and Alexander Tucker that began last year with Alex and I working on our ‘Knots’ piece for the Wysing Arts ‘Space Time’ festival. We are currently working on a installation work for Dilston Grove, London for April next year.

(Here’s what MOJO said about the video for Protogenesis…..

UK underground pair transmit pulsing, psychedelic atmospherics. Heads rejoice!

Daniel O’Sullivan and Alexander Tucker – aka underground duo Grumbling Fur – have been working together since 2011, steadily weaving together a vast array of influences (Aphex Twin, Vangelis, This Heat, solo McCartney, ice cream vans, kettles boiling), culminating in the release of their excellent new album of mantric avant-pop, Glynnaestra.

Described in MOJO 238 as “pop music as strange liturgy, where ice-cream van carillons and a replicant’s last words are transformed by Tucker and O’ Sullivan’s mournful vocal accord into pagan Depeche Mode pop”, the record will delight psych, electro and prog-heads alike. Settle into their world via the warm, lysergic storm of Protogenesis.

Official Video

Unofficial video by Michael Lewis

inner fur small nu

Grumbling fur – Glynnaestra cover and inner bag. Artwork by Daniel O’Sullivan and Alexander Tucker, type and layout by Mark Titchner

Charlemagne palestine poster oto

Poster for Charlemagne Palestine Residency at Cafe OTO.  Drawing by Daniel O’Sullivan, background and layout by Mark Titchner


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