Bus-Tops is a public art project which won the London arc of the Arts Council/LOCOG ‘Artists Taking The Lead’ competition.  ‘Artists taking the lead’ is the UK Arts Councils’ flagship project for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The project is one of 12 commissions across the nation, one in each of the English regions and one in each of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Bus-Tops are screen based sculptural installations to be installed on the roofs of bus shelters across London, forming a city-wide exhibition platform for artists to show their work.

My project ’31 Day Programme’ launched the project on January 1st 2012.  The project consists of a series of daily changing animations that are displayed in sites across London for the duration of January.

“Throughout our daily lives, we constantly absorb images and texts that generate desire or ambition; that tell us that we can be more than we are. This project is an attempt to present this phenomenon in its most blunt form as a series of inspirational, though potentially unobtainable, commands: a disembodied voice that is both nurturing and humbling. “31 Day Programme’ is an evolving series of messages and motivational challenges. Daily changing animations invite the viewer to reflect on their aspirations and potential, framed in the language of advertising and motivational books.” The Bus-Tops project continues my interest in placing works in the public realm, particularly the transitional space provided by the city’s travel network.”

DAY 2.  ‘IF YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR LIFE YOU CAN CHANGE IT’, Kingsland Road, London. Photos Alfie Dennen.

The works can be seen at the following sites:

Harrow: http://bus-tops.com/shelters/stops/3439 ;
Hackney: http://bus-tops.com/shelters/stops/2876 ;
Islington: http://bus-tops.com/shelters/stops/4221
Waltham Forest: http://bus-tops.com/shelters/stops/6504
Westminster: http://bus-tops.com/shelters/stops/6763
Hillingdon: http://bus-tops.com/shelters/stops/3868
Hounslow: http://bus-tops.com/shelters/stops/4114
Camden: http://bus-tops.com/shelters/stops/1516 ;
http://bus-tops.com/shelters/stops/1522 ;
Barnet: http://bus-tops.com/shelters/stops/355

An article on the project from BBC News

The complete 31 day programme.


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