Way back in June 2009 I wrote a piece called ‘RE-REMBERING VOLUME 1’ in which I tried to pin down a rather tenacious über memory by putting it down on virtual paper for all to see.  The ‘memory’ was of watching a 1970’s made for TV movie about an angelic singer who loses his voice.  BBC 4 recently produced an excellent bio documentary on the life of Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson (Dennis Wilson (The Real Beach Boy) and watching it I got the distinct feeling that this memory/TV Movie of mine was probably if not a Dennis Wilson bio pic but was certainly inspired, sloppily perhaps, by his life and tragic end.

The documentary, as the title suggests, shows Wilson as the macho, surfer, hotroddin’ American dreamboat who despite his outward perfection is destroyed by drugs and alcohol, tragically drowning at the age of 39.

This is some footage from the BBC documentary of Dennis performing the same song on his final 4th of July show with the Beach Boys. (It’s one of his sons talking in the middle.)


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