'2008 YEAR PLANNER' by Mark Titchner

It’s the first of February, so finally,  greeting people you don’t catch up with that often with a spirited ‘Happy New Year!’ really doesn’t cut it. With that in mind I found this lurking around the dusty recesses of my hard drive.  Yes, it’s a year planner for 2008! It’s a cleverly designed circular chart that you can use to plan your daily (and delayed) activities for 2008. There’s a tiny coloured, sliver with its own number in for everyday of the year, where you can keep track of what’s going on in your busy lives.  Better yet, the whole thing, which may at first look like two circles inside a bigger one, is in fact a ‘zero’ with an ‘8’ in it!! Just to drive home the point that 2008’s sure to be one hell of a year. Why not print yourself off a miniature version and put it in your wallet? Art AND design, ENJOY!!



    • I hope so! I’m not sure where you are but I’ll be doing my first Solo show in London for 3 years in September. Time flies when you are having fun!!

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