Last night I had the pleasure (pain?) of seeing Oxbow perform at Corsica Studios in London.  This is the fifth time I’ve been lucky enough to experience their whirlwind  and this was just incredible.  The set began with a short but certainly not mellow acoustic set on the venue floor before the group proceeded to the stage to tear through their fine catalogue electrically.  Much, rightly so, is made of vocalist Eugene Robinson’s performance but his intensity is present and correct in all the band members. I have never seen a drummer play with such malice as Greg Davis.  Niko’s skill as a guitarist is truly awesome whilst Dan Adam’s bass playing introduces a strange languidity to the mix.  You get the picture I really, enjoyed the show.  It reminded me why so much half arsed contemporary, performance art fails.  Abstractly mumbling in a white cube is all well and good but this is the ‘Theatre of Cruelty’ that Artaud describes dribbling, screaming and mad but ultimately cathartic. If you ever get the chance to see Oxbow, do not miss it.  Below is a very poor approximation of what might have gone on last night….

Some better footage coming soon.

After the show I spoke briefly to Eugene. I told him how in 2007 I’d had a panic attack after their performance at the Supersonic Festival. He told me that once when Oxbow played with Jesus Lizard he had had a panic attack and passed out. He came to onstage wondering who all these strangers were and then realising that they hadn’t even started the set yet.

On the factual front there is a new Oxbow vinyl “Songs for the French” out and Eugene has a new book coming soon.  After 2007’s ‘Fight: Or Everything you Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You‘d Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking’ Mr Robinson continues to show his aptitude for titles with ….

'A Long Slow Screw' by Eugene S Robinson


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