I just saw this on the way to the studio this morning. It’s part of a new ad campaign against ‘Drug Driving. Don’t do it.

drug driving ad

As well as being relevant to the below post it also reminded me a lot of a video I made in 2002 called ‘Artists are Cowards’.

'Artists are Cowards', 2002. (Video still)

'Artists are Cowards', 2002. (Video still)

Anyway – A tribute to a half remembered project by another artist.

Around 8 years ago Markus Vater produced a photocopied publication called, I think if memory serves me correctly, ‘Ten Magazines’. It featured a series of drawings of covers for imaginary magazines.  My favourite was for a  publication called “EYES”, which promised it’s content was “Eyes, all Eyes”.

So with that in mind here’s some eyes:

The eye of Jared LetoThe eye of Aishwarya RaiThe eye of Johnny DeppThe eye of Charlize TheronThe eye of Tupac ShakurThe eye of Megan FoxThe eye of Josh HartnettThe eye of Jenna JamesonThe eye of Wentworth MillerThe eye of Kristin Kreuk

Eyes, all eyes.



    • Eyes and hands, man. That’s my thing! Expect a hand post shortly, maybe a historical journey around my numerous scars. m

  1. We must be imbibing the same brew… eyes & hands are my current obsessions for my new drawings. I’ve collected some great scared/mangled hand photos. A friend sent me pics of his uncle’s gnarled hand once it was “put back together” after a bad accident.

    • My hands are covered with scars from many years of accidents. So many memories! It’s my own form of body scarification. The worst one is nearly invisible, about 18 months ago I drilled a hole in my hand, not for the first time, but unfortunately this time I hit a tendon. I had to do 4 months of physio so I could point again! I was hoping for some kind of django reinhardt guitar skills revelation but instead it took 6 months to be able to hold a bar chord again. Though on the upside the radiographer commented on what a neat job I’d done on my bone with the drill.

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