I found this in my bed a few nights ago. Spooky.


3 thoughts on “NIGHT-TIME VISITOR


  2. Dear Mr Titchner,

    I am contacting you with curiosity for the encounter you experienced in your bed in July 2009. As a sub-member of the Royal Astronomy Society, it is my duty to gather as much information on experiences involving beings that appear to be human but with uncanny distortions.

    The face shown on your website usually functions as an indication to a gap in human imagination, as a futile botch of representing to ourselves the unknowable. Such faces are often thought to be belonging to distant stars, this is true, as stars are things most humans only perceive atmospherically through dream. With this in mind I would like to know the position of the bed that night and the exact nature of the encounter? What type of behaviour was probed in your bodily reflexes? Did you jolt and spasm?

    The face you witnessed was not an accurate image of extraterrestrial life; it is an image of global government propaganda for the management of the unidentified depicted in the human mind. If you are, however, curious for that which is far from inside your head, and I am supposing you are from the evidence on your blog, then I suggest probing your minds gap by reshuffling your daily habits with mental leaps and awkward postures.

    Yours faithfully,
    Alien Associates of London

    For further reading, see Messengers of Deception, by Jacques Vallee, and the Exobiological Notebook in JBIS (Journal of the British Interplanetary Society). JBIS though is an out of date journal so, if interested, the best way to find copies is upon visiting jumble sales and second hand bookshops.

  3. The image is a carefully arranged and lighted cover of Whitley Strieber’s “Communion” — Here:

    I take issue with the previous comment that it’s a government propagandized plot. I will agree however, we have been undergoing a robust field of social-engineering in this particular field of psychological unfamiliarity. In other words, the jury is still out of E.T. But thanks to writers like Streiber, we have more to contemplate when and if the time comes.
    Our hope lies in our gaining knowledge and not in seeding dysfunction.

    Your photo is provacative. Good job!

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