On Thursday night I went to see Patti Smith playing with A Silver Mount Zion.  On finding my seat I found that I had a really great view of the back side of a video projector which blanked out the central section of the stage.  (Thanks!) Though this synchronised pretty neatly with the aesthetic of MP’s expenses published that morning, it wasn’t ideal.  I should have filmed the view to illustrate my point.  The whole thing reminded me that over the years, through various degrees of mobile phone technology, I’d been taking photo and videos at concerts.  Early on the point seemed to be the disjunction between the live experience and the limitations of the pretty basic built-in cameras.  Of course technology moves on apace and as if to prove the point, the photo down below of Metallica’s Kirk Hammett was taken on a mobile phone.  This means that those shaky, distorted sound, too few pixel images are going to be a thing of the past pretty damn soon.  Lo-Res is on the way out for good.  In hindsight there seems to be a kind of innocent authenticity to those camera images which probably is the modern equivalent of how memory is often depicted in film and even in our heads as shaky Super 8.  I’m (reasonably) determined to dig out some of those old phones and extract the footage, though that’s probably dependent on whether I’m able to disentangle the relevant chargers from their single cable-y mass.

Talking of which here’s a fairly lo-res recording of a recent performance I did with Matt and Tim Chesney as part of my ‘Disclosure’ project at Backlit Studios and Broadway Cinema in Nottingham.  The whole thing, vocals, guitar, theremin and effects was put through a borrowed 10 Watt guitar amp which gives it that special ‘warm’ sound.  The show is still on if anyone is in the area. Heres a couple of links…



And here’s the video, thanks Matt and Tim.  I’ll be posting a Hi Res on my website shortly when I get the thing finished.

And for the camera phone connoisseur, the wonderful “Diamond Dave” Whitaker recites his Digger poem.


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